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Updating atmega tiers

The answer to this question is based on personal preference.I currently test with Atmega, Rom3, Rom10, Cemu, Win Cemu and Wintoad.The main forms of testing are (not in any specific order) Atmega, AVR3/6/9, G2, DSSRev, Rom X, Rom3/Rom10/Rom11 known as using plastic, and emulation software such as Cemu, the toad programs, javaemu, etc.The question I see posted a lot is what is the best form of testing.Once the proper tiers are creating, they can be used for all the various forms of testing.

Thought i would post this since there seems to be alot of ppl ask how:: Pretty up to date(some software and Blockers have more current revisions available-always use latese available)...reading and insight also. Introduction I wanted to put together a guide to help people as they get involved in testing Dish.

One of the biggest problems I had when first starting testing is that I needed to put an alligator clip on the ground wire and attach it to the case of the IRD.

I found this to solve some of the connection/communication problems that I had with Jkeys.

My personal opinion is that emulation software is the most ECM proof way to test (as long as you set up you bin the correct way).

My Cemu unit has been up for around a year and a half, my Roms have been up for about 4-5 months and the Atmega varies.

You will use a device called a Jtag with a piece of software called jkeys to retrieve the boxkeys. There is always a debate over which is best to use.

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Updating is a manual step here. this is about the top two tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Even an ATmega could do it. 
31-Jul-2018 07:20
Titanium 2 Does not work In. for some reason so i guess i shall just stick to opos and atmega they. it ant auto updating just normal. 
31-Jul-2018 07:25
Pirate decryption most. the card itself was vulnerable to tampering by reprogramming it to add channel tiers or. AVR and ATmega are trade names for a. 
31-Jul-2018 07:29

Updating atmega tiers introduction

Updating atmega tiers

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31-Jul-2018 22:47