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Tortoise svn error validating server certificate canterbury dating

由于svn服务端证书的问题,svn在认证时会报以下一个错误: Error validating server certificate for ‘https://xxxxxxx‘: - The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority.Use the fingerprint to validate the certificate manually! Certificate information: XXXX 即使你点击”永久接受”,下次使用svn还是会弹那个框,很是麻烦,这个对天天要使用svn N次的开发人员怎么可能授受得了。既然是https证书问题,我尝试在svnsetting-Authentication data 右边的clear,然后再登录,重新输入一次账号和密码,发现可以正常使用一会。但没过几天又会报那个错。 后面想到是不是要把整个ssl证书认证的文件全部删除: windows系统 svn的https的证书认证信息保存在: X(系统盘):\Users\#your usrname#\App Data\Roaming\Subversion\auth\server 把这个server文件夹直接删除,然后使用svn,再弹出的那个框时,选择第一个“永久授受”。 接下来一切清静了。。。 后面也碰到了一些因为版本太低导致这个提醒的情况,如果版本是1.6. Use the fingerprint to validate the certificate manually! Certificate information: - Hostname: DEVSRVR - Valid: from Fri, GMT until Sat, GMT - Issuer: PHP, SS, SS, SRB - Fingerprint: 5f:d:d6:dd:a6:d:a5:ac:3a:4b:7c:7d:33:e:dd:23:9f (R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently?svn: OPTIONS of 'https://SERVER_IP/svn/myproject/trunk': Server certificate verification failed: certificate issued for a different hostname, issuer is not trusted (https://SERVER_IP) If the client receives a server certificate, it needs to verify that it trusts the certificate: is the server really who it claims to be?

Accept permanently | Accept once | Reject to be related to Tortoise SVN and not the certificate, which checks out fine at Web and I would say that the cause of the error you list above is because the Entrust certificate is simply not listed in the SSL certificates that Tortoise SVN will trust.

Then you type your credentials and get to choose if you want to add your certificate permanently.

You say “yes”, but next time get the same silly question. The problem may be, that the subversion configuration directory, which is normally under your has WRONG permissions, so that each time you want to permanently add the credentials, svn actually cannot do so, and also doesn’t inform you that it can’t.

In some cases, the certificate sent by the server is not a trusted certificate, the client may choose to trust the certificate if the server is target server for sure.

But users may get "Error validating server certificate for 'https://...'" the next time when they try to connect to the same secure server even if they specified "p" the first time when they are prompted to accept the server certificate.

I just updated the certificate on one of my sites due to the old one expiring.

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Tortoise svn error validating server certificate introduction

Tortoise svn error validating server certificate

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