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Ruby amqp updating client properties

Note that because AMQP is a binary protocol, text formats like JSON largely lose their advantage of being easy to inspect as data travels across the network, so if bandwidth efficiency is important, consider using Message Pack or Protocol Buffers.

A few popular options for data serialization are: Rabbit MQ messages have various metadata attributes that can be set when a message is published.

A routing pattern consists of several words separated by dots, in a similar way to URI path segments being joined by slash.

A few of examples: Topic exchanges have a very broad set of use cases.

Two classic examples of topic-based routing are stock price updates and location-specific data (for instance, weather broadcasts).

Consumers indicate which topics they are interested in (think of it like subscribing to a feed for an individual tag of your favourite blog as opposed to the full feed). This means that only messages with a routing key matching "americas.south.#" will be routed to the "americas.south" queue.

If N queues are bound to a fanout exchange, when a new message is published to that exchange a Fanout exchange routing [consumer] amq.gen-A8z-tj-n_0U39Gd PGnc V-A received a message: Ping [consumer] amq.gen-jht-Ot Rwd D8Lu HMxr A5SNQ received a message: Ping [consumer] amq.gen-LQTh8Idoj OCrv On Eu Fog8w received a message: Ping [consumer] amq.gen-PV-Dg8_g Sv LO9e K6le6ww Q received a message: Ping [consumer] amq.gen-of AMc3FXRZIj3O55f XDSw A received a message: Ping [consumer] amq.gen-TXJi ZEjw Z0squ12_Z9m P0A received a message: Ping [consumer] amq.gen-XQjh2xr C9khb MZMg_0Zzfw received a message: Ping [consumer] amq.gen-XVSKsd Wwhyx Ri Jn-j AFEGg received a message: Ping [consumer] amq.gen-Za Y2p D_9Na OICx AMWPo IYw received a message: Ping [consumer] amq.gen-o Elfv P_crg ASWkk6Ehr JLA received a message: Ping Disconnecting...

The routing key will then be compared for equality with routing keys on bindings, and consumers that subscribed with the same routing key each get a copy of the message.

AMQP message attributes are metadata and are similar in purpose to HTTP request and response headers. The routing key is an "address" that the exchange may use to decide how to route the message.The default exchange is a direct exchange with no name (Bunny refers to it using an empty string) pre-declared by the broker.It has one special property that makes it very useful for simple applications, namely that .This is similar to, but more generic than, a URL in HTTP.Most exchange types use the routing key to implement routing logic, but some ignore it and use other criteria (e.g. A fanout exchange routes messages to all of the queues that are bound to it and the routing key is ignored.

Commonly used to name a reply queue (or any other identifier that helps a consumer application to direct its response).

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We can use client-properties. User specified connection name rabbitmq/rabbitmq-erlang-client#45. michaelklishin added a commit to ruby-amqp /bunny. 
15-Jan-2019 03:58
Featured Blog Rethink Application Logging with RabbitMQ. and then updating the connection settings. main WARN client. RestTemplate. 
15-Jan-2019 04:04
I pulled amq-client. I don't think the `puts "Updating client properties"` is supposed to be in lib/amq. ruby-amqp Consumer Cancellation Notification. 
15-Jan-2019 04:07
Client0x007ffb6be6aed8 client.sync_push "test 1" Updating client properties. Browse other questions tagged ruby rabbitmq amqp eventmachine or ask your own. 
15-Jan-2019 04:11

Ruby amqp updating client properties introduction

Ruby amqp updating client properties

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