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The unlikely pair happen to meet at the local mall, and Duncan nervously asks Hallie out, unaware of her family situation.

When their eventual date is ruined by the intrusive Secret Service, the young lovebirds cut loose for a night of mischief.

Bannon's nonfiction feature about Ronald Reagan's battle against communism, based on the book "Reagan's War." The film was described by critics in terms of directions: while one reviewer called it "over the top," many found it leaning heavily to the right.

More damning was the opinion held by several critics that the doc was simply dull and predictable, which doesn't make for a good movie in any format.

Ranked 75th on the American Film Institute's list of top American love stories, Rob Reiner's romantic comedy stars Douglas as a widowed president who woos an environmental lobbyist played by Annette Benning.

While the Aaron Sorkin-penned film was generally well-received by critics, it is best known as the inspiration for Sorkin’s long-running television drama The West Wing, which borrowed dialogue, cast members, and even the Oval Office set from the film.

The film ultimately grossed more than 0 worldwide.

Perhaps it was the experience of being in such a lackluster film that caused Hackman to throw in the towel for good after 50 years in the business, but it was a smart move if it saved the world from a Return to Mooseport.

Not every documentary receives a high metascore, as evidenced by Stephen K.

Directed by Forest Whitaker, this White House fairytale starring Katie Holmes was actually the second of two teen-oriented films (along with the Mandy Moore-starring Chasing Liberty) about the president's daughter released in 2004.

First Daughter failed to charm critics or win over its demographic -- teen moviegoers voted for Moore's film, although neither one performed well -- and it earned Holmes a Golden Raspberry nomination for "worst supporting actress." Apparently, not everybody loved Raymond in this 2004 political comedy about an everyman plumber (Ray Romano) campaigning against a former POTUS (Hackman) for the mayorship of a small New England town.

John Travolta stars as Jack Stanton, a silver-haired, silver-tongued, presidential candidate hailing from the South -- in other words, Bill Clinton in all but name -- in this playful political comedy based on the roman à clef infamously and anonymously penned by journalist Joe Klein.

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Movie dating president introduction

Movie dating president

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