Is tim tebow dating erin drewes

Some of it, though, I'm struggling to justify with any word other than "luck." Take these four situations: Two times the ball began the play in Florida's hands, two times it started off in Georgia's; all four times Georgia gets a hand on it at some point; but all four times it belongs to Florida by the time the whistle is blown.

Yeah, yeah, I know: Inferior play had a hand in some of this, too, even the blown opportunities with the fumbles -- if we just fucking fall on that first one rather than trying to pick it up and run with it, for example, we start inside the Florida red zone with three near-automatic points and a pretty good chance at seven, and we deny Florida the long TD drive that swing momentum in their favor for pretty much the rest of the first half.

I mean, yeah, Charlie Brown gets the ball whipped away from him at the last second every single time, which is embarrassing enough, but you'll notice nobody is ever around to watch it; the humiliation is at least a dark secret shared only between him and Lucy.

To declare that "Lucy = Florida" also doesn't work -- while Lucy and the Gators are both bitches who wear blue and aren't nearly as hot as they fancy themselves, that statement implies that Georgia's chances for success are entirely in Florida's hands, which, no matter what Bulldog Nation may be thinking in its most desperate moments, isn't true either.

Still: Four times we get a hand on the ball and we don't get any of them? If we can have a game like that less than a year removed from going -16 in turnover margin, fuck a regression to the mean. Late fourth quarter, game tied at 31, Florida's gotten another good KO return from Chris Rainey -- and oh, God, don't get me started on his sociopathic ass being suited up and in the game to begin with -- and they've got 2nd-and-9 just a couple yards shy of midfield. Nope -- a false start by Florida, their fifth false start of the day, negates the sack.

Darryl Gamble crushes Brantley eight yards behind the line, resulting in 3rd-and-17 from the 40 (on a day when we're actually covering third downs pretty well, wonder of wonders), which gives us a chance to force a punt and set ourselves up with not-horrible field position and a couple minutes and two time-outs with which to get Blair Walsh in place for the game-winning field goal. They get the first down, drive into Georgia territory, pin the Dawgs at their own 6 and it's off to overtime we go.

Some of it also comes down to inexplicable coaching -- we were lucky enough that the Mikey Henderson "One and Done" play worked the first time three years ago, so did we really think we were gonna outsmart Florida's secondary with it a second time, particularly with a QB who I'm not sure has hit a fade to the end zone all season?

And not long after I got home from Atlanta this evening, as I gathered my thoughts and tried to figure out what exactly I wanted to say in this space, I'll admit I briefly entertained the thought that the loud, heavily publicized, tension-fraught atmosphere of Jacksonville might have something to do with that lack of focus, which of course led to me wondering if maybe we should move the Cocktail Party out of there after all.

(I mean, we've already officially ripped the words "Cocktail" and "Party" out of it to begin with; after that, any talk of tradition, on the parts of the respective university presidents at least, is pretty ridiculous.)But no, I'm not gonna go there. If we were to go to a home-and-home, then no matter how dominant a run Georgia went on immediately afterward, no matter how supposedly solid our reasoning was for moving the game, we'd be the the school that whined the Cocktail Party out of Jacksonville and one of the sport's last remaining neutral-site rivalries out of existence.

Apparently Becky Quick of asked Johnson: "Do you know..he still a virgin? Then, another host chimed in: "Inquiring minds want to know." Johnson, of course, has nothing to do with Tebow's bedroom behavior, and simply replied: "We don't really go into that."Now, what's the real story about Tebow's V-card? He's been linked to a handful of gals over the years.

Well, there's been tons of speculation about who the Broncos star is dating, if anyone, but he's not opening up about his personal life. Here's the rundown: First there's Kelly Faughnan (pictured above), who went with the star to the Home Depot ESPNU College Football Awards back in 2009.

"I actually attended a Bucs game with my Dad and somebody said to me, 'Hey, I know who you are, you're Tim Tebow's girlfriend.' My Dad just laughed.

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Is tim tebow dating erin drewes introduction

Is tim tebow dating erin drewes