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Intimidatingly attractive

Their range of emotions mirrors ours -- they, too, experience fear, rage, envy, disgust, love and affection, like we do --- but at a much higher, more intense level.

And within this rarefied existence, there is a select group of super-sensitive men, 15 thespian masters who feel and convey their emotions with greater intensity than anyone else alive.

Penn's matchless ability to transform himself into his characters, whether a self-righteous gay activist or self-pitying death-row inmate, never fails to fascinate viewers.

His off-screen crusades, ranging from anti-paparazzi vendettas to his unprecedented devotion to post-earthquake Haiti, appears to flow from the same well of intensity that fuels his acting. Daniel Day-Lewis Age: 55 Must-See Performances: "There Will Be Blood" (2008); "Gangs of New York" (2003); "In the Name of the Father" (1993); "My Left Foot" (1989); The Unbearable Lightness of Being" (1988) Intensity Factor: Each of his 18 movies required Day-Lewis to explore the utter extremes of human emotion: an unstoppable devotion to creativity in "My Left Foot;" an implacable devotion to Irish freedom in "Father" and to Irish genocide in "Gangs," and an unquenchable greed in "Blood." These epics demanded an intensity that few actors have matched even once, buut that Day-Lewis (famous for unsettling his cast-mates by staying in character on set) delivered in each.

But Craig brings that same signature focus to all of his roles and can burn up the screen in any accent: from a ruthless English drug lord to a South-African Jewish assassin to a Swedish investigative reporter. With his unflinching stare and his knack for turning curse words into Biblical intonations of menace, Jackson is always an intense presence on screen.

He'd earn a spot on this list for Jules; but he's always a "bad [email protected]#$! Christopher Walken Age: 69 Must-See Performances: "True Romance" (1993); "The Dead Zone" (1983); "The Deer Hunter" (1978) Intensity Factor: Walken is more of a comic performer these days, but the iconic man with the piercing eyes and distinctive New York cadence can be one of the most intimidating actors when the role demands it.

Thank you for investing your hard earned money in Endgame and in more importantly, your own future happiness.

The concepts and ideas you’re about to discover will not only help you meet, attract, and date intimidatingly attractive women, but also feel a sense of power, control, freedom, and deep connection in your life that you’ve never felt before.

He's Spain's answer to Sean Penn and Daniel Day-Lewis – only even more awesome, because he can summon the intensity in languages. Christian Bale Age: 38 Must-See Performances: "Batman" trilogy; "The Fighter" (2010); "Rescue Dawn" (2006); "Velvet Goldmine" (1998) Intensity Factor: Like Crowe, Bale has a reputation for being intimidating and focusing all of his energy on his performances – to the point of lashing out if anything interferes with his process.

), Whitaker can be mislabeled a gentle giant, but there's a smoldering to quality to every character he portrays. Benicio Del Toro Age: 45 Must-See Performances: "Savages" (2012); "21 Grams" (2003); "Traffic" (2000); "The Usual Suspects" (1995) Intensity Factor: When Del Toro is on the screen, there's no other actor you want to watch.

The Puerto Rican Oscar winner is a study in nuanced, controlled performances that can be chilling ("Savages") or tender ("21 Grams") or downright unforgettable ("The Usual Suspects").

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Eventually, the World Controller Mustapha Mond deports Bernard Marx and his friend Helmholtz Watson to an island for other unorthodox figures, removing their threatening ideas from the ideal society.

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Intimidatingly attractive introduction

Intimidatingly attractive

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