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Presently there are 164 original girls in addition to 72 upgraded variants, bringing the total number of fleet girls to 236.

The game currently holds spaces for 250 different types of fleet girls.

Fatigue can be alleviated by allowing ships some time to rest, or by recovering the fleet's morale using Japanese food supply ship Mamiya.

As ships become damaged, their icons begin to blow off smoke and their clothing become visually torn and battered; in the event when a ship's durability drops down to zero, it is considered sunk, and the player will lose the fleet girl.

Players are also able to compete with each other's scores via in-game ranking boards, with periodical prizes for top ranking players.

As of January 2016, there are 20 servers that can be played on, each named after a World War II-era Japanese naval base.

The effectiveness of ships in combat depend on its attribute parameters, namely hitpoints, armour, evasion, aircraft capacity, speed, attack range, firepower, torpedo, anti-air, anti-submarine, line-of-sight, and luck.Different fleet girls are illustrated by different artists; artists involved in the drawing of various characters include Shibafu, and 16 other artists.Fumikane Shimada, who was previously the lead character designer for Strike Witches and Girls und Panzer, created the designs and illustrations for Japanese armored aircraft carrier Taihō The traits of each fleet girl are based on aspects of the historical ship they are based on; for instance, Japanese battleship Kongō frequently adds English words and phrases into her dialog as a reference to her British origins, whilst Japanese destroyer Shimakaze is depicted as a speedy girl in artworks and official print media, since Shimakaze was one of the fastest destroyer ships of World War II.The game has developed into a much larger media franchise; various media including multiple manga series and light novels have been released, in addition to an officially licensed tabletop role-playing game.A Play Station Vita game was released in February 2016, The gameplay is centred upon building squadrons composed of individual characters represented as cards with different attributes, and then sending said squadrons out on missions.

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Eroticdating germany

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