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Deal breakers dating guy

Five pieces of information were potential deal breakers—poor hygiene; short tempered; has an STD; promiscuous; and drinks excessively—and five were dealmakers—physically attractive; kind; good career; good sense of humor; intelligent.The results showed that the deal as more important than deal breakers when considering the person as a short-term mate.Finally, women had a more negative reaction than men to learning that a person had negative personality traits.In their last two experiments, the researchers examined the relative effect of deal breakers and dealmakers. In one study, 193 adults were asked to imagine they had just met someone new, and to rate how learning new pieces of information about that person would affect their likelihood of accepting or rejecting the individual as a short- or long-term relationship partner.In a final experiment, the researchers varied the relative number of deal breakers and dealmakers that participants learned about a potential mate (dealmaker:deal breaker ratios of 0:5, 1:5, 2:4, 3:3, 4:2, 5:1, or 5:0).They then asked 271 adults to consider a situation in which their potential partner had x DEALMAKERS and y DEAL BREAKERS.What are the most common deal breakers for men and women?In the first study, the researchers just wanted to get a general sense of what traits people were likely to see as deal breakers.

The range, can be painstakingly specific (“more than 6 feet tall”), or sort of vague (“nice guy”). We don’t agree with all the crazy shit our friends think, either.Hey, to each her own, but we compiled a list of top deal breakers for the general female population. Pratter, Flickr Do what you need to do: straighten your hair, put on guyliner. We just like to get drunk together and braid each other’s hair. Just don’t cause a scene when you start one of your “heated debates.” Openly loathing her friends is not a positive indicator for a great future for you two and getting all riled up when one of her girlfriends denies global warming at a dinner party is embarrassing for everyone involved.That first study generated a list of 49 possible deal breakers.In a second study, a separate sample of 295 students rated the extent to which they felt that each of those 49 traits was a deal breaker for them.

And while one might have expected men to be more willing than women to date someone interested in casual sex when they wanted something more, the researchers did not observe this.

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Deal breakers dating guy introduction

Deal breakers dating guy

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