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Whether it be years of missionary work, a beloved child, or even one’s own life, God is not shy about asking a lot from His servants. We’re not even done with the letter A, and it’s already evident that the scriptures are full of righteous examples who were required to sacrifice much—sometimes all—for the gospel cause.Let’s establish one thing right off the bat—what any general authority says does not necessarily constitute doctrine, and a member of the church is in no way obligated to follow every piece of counsel these general authorities might give (though it is nearly always advisable to do so).If the Lord wants a policy implemented, a rule created, or something to be said that has not been said before, the responsibility for this lies with the president of the Church. As an educational measure, I will provide two facts that should enlighten any who may not know the answers to these questions. You see, a quote without context is like a hammer without a nail—you can whip it around and do some unnecessary damage with it, but it won’t effectively serve its intended purpose.So while a few members of the seventy and even one apostle, Joseph B. Fact #1: there has been a grand total of prophet who has said something about R-rated movies. So let’s examine the intended purpose of this quote, which comes from a talk called “To the Youth of the Noble Birthright.” The title of this talk implies what President Benson explicitly says in the introduction: “Tonight I would like to speak directly to you young men of the Aaronic Priesthood.” It is an undeniable truth that some prophetic counsel is only applicable to some people.Wirthlin, have made statements against R-rated movies, these men are not authorized to institute any sort of church rule, policy, or doctrine. In a 1986 priesthood session address, Ezra Taft Benson delivered this quote: “Don’t see R-rated movies or vulgar videos or participate in any entertainment that is immoral, suggestive, or pornographic.” President Benson made a similar statement in a young women’s meeting six months later. Not all members of the church are expected to abstain from dating—just those under the age of sixteen.It was poison to the mind of a young teenager (and the mind of anyone else for that matter). I say Mormon because the leaders of the LDS Church never meant to draw a line as to what movies you can’t see based on ratings, though there have always been guidelines about what is appropriate. If you need a good read on this topic, check out Elder Lynn G.But then when I would show up to a movie party and the suggestion was made to watch an “R-rated movie” I would gasp and say, “I. Sure, President Benson mentioned the term “R-rated” in a talk in 1986, but I don’t think he meant to set a standard based on a secular opinion known as the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA). Robbin’s BYU devotional talk he gave back in September of 2013. Maybe the director saw the error of his ways from the first release and then made a movie about an English spy that wakes up in Walnut Grove, Minnesota (Little House on the Prairie reference)? All my parents had to go off of was previews seen on TV, a short blurb in the newspaper, and, of course, the increasingly flawed ratings system from the MMPA.

I read it and couldn’t stop thinking about the story for weeks.He stated: “It is risky for the Church to draw a line. But the prophets have taught us principles found in For the Strength of the Youth, such as the following: ‘“In 1986 President Ezra Taft Benson warned members of the danger of anything ‘R-rated’ or beyond. I know that because I have heard many members of the Church say, ‘Oh, we can watch that movie. The prophet gave us permission.’ They don’t say that last part, but that is what they are thinking, because they thought he posted a speed limit, so to speak.” Thankfully, when the Austin Powers peeps decided to release sequels, my parents had the sense enough to ask me not to see those movies. They drew the line (parents, not the MPAA) and I was obedient (and better off for it). Twenty years ago it was helpful to have an organization like MPAA to give us a heads up. With websites like (LDS Church-produced) and (not to mention the Parents Advisory section at IMDB) there doesn’t need to be surprises while sitting in the theater.If the speed on the freeway is sixty-five miles per hour, how fast will people drive? We all know that many PG-13 movies are trash (sorry , I’m skipping out this round). Are we going to avoid it because it is R rated or because it has 143 F-bombs? 😉 There’s more to say on this topic so please comment below with your perspective.But until the prophet delivers that counsel to the whole church, we are absolutely entitled to expect others to do it.Any adult member who judges another to be disobedient or unrighteous for watching an R-rated movie is themselves guilty of disobedience, for just as we are warned not to ignore the words of the prophets, we are warned not to add to them.

That being said, we may soon face a day in which the spiritual resolve of church members everywhere is bent to the point of breaking. Movie producers aren’t stupid—they know that a PG-13 rating means a better showing at the box office—but let’s be honest, there’s some violent stuff in that book. Would Utah County theaters be full of folks with their heads down, wearing hoodies and dark glasses so as not to be seen by their Relief Society President?

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Dating lds r rated movies introduction

Dating lds r rated movies

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