Dating advice from a playboy bunny

Now 69, the still-striking brunette reminisces about what she claims as "the best time of my life.""There was no favorite part, I loved every single thing about it," Bobbie told us.

"From the minute I walked into the club, your life changes; you leave who you are outside and you become Playboy, you become a bunny."With an all new Playboy Club reopening in Midtown Manhattan this September, I got to speak with Bobbie about its heyday in the early '70s and what it took to be a bunny. According to the author, the exclusive clubs were everything you'd imagine; full of glamour, celebrities, and beautiful women everywhere.

"And one night he just waited for me after I'd got done with work and we got together that way."To avoid getting her in trouble, Jules didn't return to the Club after that and the two got married a couple years later.

They enjoyed a marriage of 33 years until he passed.7.

“I’ve been matching up with a bunch of gorgeous women who are smart,” he said. I’m like, ‘Wow, this is perfect.’” Perfect, indeed.

Today , “The Olympian set fans abuzz over the weekend when he shared a photo on Snapchat of himself with [Reid] sitting in his lap while visiting the Beats House in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with his parents.” Reid has also posted several photos from Rio on her Instagram account.

"It wasn't random; first was scotch, then came whiskey and bourbon, gin, vodka, rum — see, I still remember it," she said.

If one didn't like you or was jealous of you, you might even find your costume messed with, which had happened to Bobbie once.

They had to keep it classy."Bobbie ended up meeting her first husband, Jules (pictured above), who was 40 years her senior, at the Club.

"He'd been coming into the Club all the time to see me and, you know, I couldn't give him my number," she said.

"There must have been 200 girls." Of those 200 girls, only about 30 to 40 were chosen — including Bobbie. According to Bobbie, you had to be pretty with a nice figure. "That will get you through the door, but you're not gonna stick in the door long if you don't have all the other attributes to go with it," she said.

Once your appearance and personality impressed the bunny mother, the head of all bunnies, you then proceeded to see the Club's manager, who approved whether or not you can put on the iconic costume.

So, we get our drinks and go so it all flowed."The girls also had to learn how to properly carry a tray wearing five-inch heels, sometimes with 20 drinks at once. "We had to serve drinks backwards because we couldn't bend down or else [customers] could see down your costume."4.

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Dating advice from a playboy bunny introduction

Dating advice from a playboy bunny

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