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Rub in the fact that she loves your cum and enjoys having it in and on her, gargling it, having husband eat it out of her, etc., but she tells husband to be sure to jack off into kleenex or toilet paper and not to get the couch, bed, shower, etc. Certainly make cuckold sleep on the couch or a small guest bed when you're there, and you get the master whenever you want; but also start having husband sleep on the couch even when you're not staying over.

Have her start making cuckold move his clothes and things slowly from the master bedroom to somewhere else, making more room for your things, until eventually he doesn't have anything in the master bedroom, even if you don't stay there often.

Then when the cuck has received his absurd facial, the bull and wifey take pictures for posterity (after they have stopped laughing of course).

Call him in after you have stretched her out really good, and let him have a go. Then push him off of her and jump back in and fuck her extra hard making her wail and cum.

Now face hubby to the wife, and ask her to disrobe. Tell hubby that what he is feeling will momentarily be felt by his wife. Having the wife give you something that she won't do for her husband, such as oral or anal.

Stand behind him, give a reach-around if necessary, and point out to the wife how your masculinity and man-meat are exciting hubby. Make her kiss her husband after you have cum in her mouth. Have the husband and wife go to a nice fancy or somewhat fancy restaurant for romantic dinner.

Use an audio recording device to record your encounter WITHOUT her knowledge.

Same thing with the master bathroom, even if you don't stay often, have her make cuckold start moving his things to make room for you.

If you like his car better than yours, or yours is in the shop, have her give you the keys to his car to use whenever you want, and force husband to find a way to get around or use a worse car.

Therefor any wails of passion and ecstasy or speech that would humiliate hubby will be as genuine as it is possible to be.

For example, if she starts talking about how much bigger/better you are than her pathetic husband, she will have done so with the belief that hubby would never hear it. Rub in the fact that she loves sucking your cock and even does it for her own pleasure, when she's never enjoyed or wanted to suck husband's cock.

After giving the wife a damn good pounding, the bull gets the cuck to close his eyes and place her ring on one eyelid and his own wedding band on the other eyelid, and keep them balanced there...

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Cuckold chatline introduction

Cuckold chatline

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