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American women dating german man

My roomie is also a vegetarian, so I can’t even spy on his eating habits for the purpose of this post.

However, walk around any German city centre, and you’ll find stands selling bratwurst, currywurst, wurst wurst…someone has to be eating them!

There, I made lots of German friends and had the time of my life partying with them almost every night.

So when I told people back in Canada that I was planning on moving to Germany, and people would respond with, “those Germans seem like really cold people,” I was genuinely surprised.

After a week in Canada, if you don’t have more friends and drinking buddies than fingers, than you’re definitely doing something wrong.

“I grew up with five sisters” (or something like that), he said.

“And I see how some guys treat them and it’s horrible. I never want to be like that, which is why I always want to treat girls with respect…because I’m such a nice guy. ” So you must be thinking, “aww this German guy must be a total romantic!

Close friendships with Germans don’t usually happen overnight, but when they do form, I find it a lot more genuine (aka none of that “OMG your top looks so hot” when you know it makes you look frumpy bullshit). Germans love bread I’ve been told that I’ve never actually had bread until I came to Germany, because those sliced packages of bread we have in North America (you know, like Dempsters), isn’t actually bread, but toast (even when it’s not toasted).

Or more specifically, “American toast.” And so, it’s easy to note that Germans take their bread very seriously. There’s bakeries on almost every street and every train station, and some of them even open for a few hours on Sundays!

I find that Germans like to have a sense of purpose before initiating a conversation, so saying something like, “Hey, what’s up? When you do strike up a random conversation with a German though, I always find them to be such friendly people, and it makes you think about the value between quality versus quantity. I’ve been in student residences (rez) on weekends, to find the place empty and completely quiet, when back home, any rez on any given weekend would be packed with people passed out in the hallways. When I lived in rez, I remember that everyone had so much fun and we became such good friends that we only went home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and reading week (Canadian equivalent of spring break).

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American women dating german man introduction

American women dating german man