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This can be estimated from the number and nature of the victims as well as from the forms of rape." Bijleveld, Morssinkhof, and Smeulers estimated 354,440 women raped.They examined the testimonies of the victims, and also the number of those who had been forcibly impregnated; these were then added to the known amount of those who had been raped, but had been killed.In December 1990, the newspaper Kangura printed the Hutu Ten Commandments of which four dealt specifically with women.On 29 January 1992, Kangura accused Tutsi women of having a monopoly on employment in both the private and public sectors, saying that they would hire their "Tutsi sisters on the basis of their thin noses" (a stereotypical 'Tutsi feature').Françoise Nduwimana documented testimony from survivors of rape, recounting the testimony of one woman: For 60 days, my body was used as a thoroughfare for all the hoodlums, militia men and soldiers in the district ... There is no doubt in my mind that I was infected during these rapes.Those men completely destroyed me; they caused me so much pain. Survivors have testified that the transmission of the HIV virus was a deliberate act by talking about how the men, before they raped them, would say that they were not going to kill them directly but rather give them a slow death from AIDS.Major Brent Beardsley, assistant to Dallaire, gave testimony at the ICTR. It seemed that everywhere we went, from the period of 19th of April until the time we left, there was rape everywhere near these killing sites." According to U. Special Rapporteur, Rene Degni-Segui, "Rape was the rule, and its absence the exception".

In a testimonial, Maria Louise Niyobuhungiro recalls seeing local people and Hutu men watched her get raped up to five times a day, and that when she was kept under watch by a woman, she received neither sympathy nor help and was also forced to farm between rapes.

The mass rapes were carried out by the Interahamwe militia and members of the Hutu civilian population, both male and females, the Rwandan military, and the Rwandan Presidential Guard.

The sexual violence was directed at the national and local levels by political and military leaders in the furtherance of their goal, the destruction of the Tutsi ethnic group.

During the conflict Hutu extremists released hundreds of patients from hospitals, who were suffering from AIDS, and formed them into "rape squads".

The intent was to infect and cause a "slow, inexorable death".

And their beautiful women were being used to do it.

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All  dating site rwanda