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Alcoholic dating patterns

The final ruler of the Xia dynasty, the emperor Jie, was said to have shown his decadence by constructing an entire lake of jiu to please one of his concubines.

The pool was said to have been large enough to navigate with a boat.

Most are pale lagers, although other styles are available, particularly in brewpubs catering to the expatriate communities in Beijing and Shanghai.

The story was repeated in accounts of Di Xin, the last emperor of the Shang.

Alcoholism was said to have been so rampant among Shang culture that reducing it presented one of the principal difficulties for the new Zhou dynasty.

Within the Yellow River area which gave rise to the Chinese culture, numerous bronze vessels preserved from the later Shang dynasty (whose oracle bones contained the first surviving Chinese characters) include many which were apparently used to warm alcohol.

At the time, millet was the area's staple grain and these drinks may have been similar to modern huangjiu.

Baijiu or shaojiu is a distilled alcoholic beverage.

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Simply enter the number of drinks you have had on any day or in a typical week and learn if your drinking pattern is a cause for concern. 
18-Jun-2018 10:33
Dating an alcoholic or a recovering alcoholic? Get advice and information here. 
18-Jun-2018 10:37

Alcoholic dating patterns introduction

Alcoholic dating patterns

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