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Alcohol tax stamp dating

NORTH DAKOTA: North Dakota did not keep records of when tax stamps were first used, what types of stamps were used, or when they stopped using liquor tax stamps.1958 was 3-3/4‘ Green decal tax stamp in shape of the state, 1" x 3/4" with state seal in upper left corner & a Black 7 digit serial # on the bottom.Starting November 18, 1989 government health warning labels were required on all liquor bottles sold in the United States. 1941 was 7/8" x 1", 1-1/2‘ White with Green printing, paper postage type stamp with Directors name on bottom. "STATE of IOWA" & "LIQUOR CERTIFICATE" are on the top of the stamp, the state seal is on the mid right side, and an 8 digit serial number is in a White box at the bottom of the stamp. Between 1938-1944, decal tax stamps were 2‘ and were 5/8" x 1" with a rounded top.This regulation does not apply to alcoholic beverages produced, imported, bottled, or labeled for export from the U. In the later 1950's the stamps were reduced in size. 1942-1943 decals were 1" x 3/4" Green with Black printing, "State of Florida" was in White across the top, the state seal was in White on the upper left side, and a White state outline was in the center and right side. These stamps were Yellow with Black printing and a White State Seal in the middle.MISSOURI: Decals Tax stamps were used 1934 to 1949.1934 stamps were 3/4" x 1-1/2" 1‘ purple on whire decals with state seal in middle, "STATE OF MISSOUIR" on top, & Treasurer & Liquor Supervisor's signatures on bottom.

merged into a new company called the Owens-Illinois Glass Company. Bruce) FLORIDA: Decal tax stamps were used from 1934 through June 30, 1969. Some 1939 mini's had a 7/8" x 5/8" cream with Blue print "ALCOHOLIC LIQUOR ADDITIONAL TAX PAID" oval decal tax stamp, with a red 6 digit # prefaced with an "H". Keating)...(1/5/65- 1/1/67 Ren Morris)...(1/4/67-11/25/68 Don D Meiklejohn)...(11/26/68-7/1/69 A. Brautigam) GEORGIA: Some stamps were Yellow 3-1/8‘ tax stamps.1940 stamps were 5/8" x 1 1/8" Red decals; 1‘ in Red box under white state seal; "STATE OF MINNESOTA" across top with silver serial # verticaly up stamp.1938 stamp was 1‘, Black on Orange, 3/4" x 1-1/8" with state seal in middle, & Treasurer & Liquor Supervisor's signatures on bottom.1942 was a 1‘ White 7/8" x 7/8" decal tax stamp in the shape of the state, with Black printing; state seal in upper right corner; signatures of Director of Revenue & Liquor Control Supervisor in the middle, and a 5 digit serial number on the bottom. Henderson) ...(3/22/45-6/14/49 Edmund Burke) MONTANA: In 1940 decal Tax Stamps were 5/8" x 1-1/4" light Green with dark Green printing.

All 100 Proof liquor ("Bottled in Bond") bottled in the USA contains the season and year the liquor was distilled and the season and year the liquor was bottled. Effective September 1, 1977 the "LESS THAN 1/2 PINT" phrase was removed from the ends of the Federal Tax seal strips when the government went to the metric system of measure. 1935-1936 decals were 7/8" square 1-1/2‘ White with Orange state replica shown on tax stamp. 1948 wine mini's had 5/8" x 1 1/8" Red decal stamp with the state in light Red; the state seal is in the upper middle; and "STATE of ILLINOIS" across the top with "1/2 PINT SERIES D" printed in a Red & White circle at the bottom. In 1936 & 1937 decal stamps were Green with Black printing.

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He earned distributing alcohol, just cropped up since 2008 obtained. Charges of violence extent of those dating. Eagle® policies for a freakonomics radio. 
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Tax labels and stamp History. 45 % Alcohol. Local State Beverage. In 1934 an Orange oval decal tax stamp was used. 1934 wine mini was in shape of state with. 
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Hello all, Your assistance kindly requested I have the following U. S. Revenue stamp, intact, affixed to a 1/10 pint 47 ml bottle of "Glayva" liqueur. 
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Alcohol tax stamp dating introduction

Alcohol tax stamp dating